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    Dedicated gym dedicated dumbbell

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    2021-07-22 16:24:00

Material Category: plastic bag, dip, plating and baking

The size of the plastic bag is slightly larger, which can prevent you from acting when you reach a dumbbell that requires a lot of weight. But the advantage is hit the floor is not bad, downstairs will not scold you, quack. Select rubber dumbbell Note smell smell, taste too much to explain the plastic is not good, easy to slag, which is not the package of iron is also questionable.

The general weight does not choose to dip, dip the facade easy to rust, small bump pressure when the pressure is small, the chance of rubber skin is damaged, the weight is different.

Galvanized and painted almost, small size, not easy to rust, even bump rust, it is limited to a place that will not rust the entire, but it is not easy to smash the floor. In fact, these types of dumbbells should pay attention to the time of purchase to see the workmanship, the quality of fine workmanship generally better.



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