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    Wholesale competitive price black rubber hex dumbbell

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Its use is for muscle training, muscle training combined action. Due to motor paralysis, pain, long-term inactivity caused by low muscle strength, hand-held dumbbells, the weight of dumbbells can be used for resistance to active exercise, training strength.

Dumbbell can train a single muscle; such as increasing the weight, you need to coordinate the muscles, but also as a muscle training exercises.

1.Helps improve muscle tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back, leg, chest, abdominal

2.Fit for physiotherapy exercises. 

3.Using a unique dial system,automatically adjust the weight of dumbbell

4.Lets you rapidly switch from one weight exercise to the next

5.Perfect addition to aerobics and step workouts

6.Non-slip handle designed to fit comfortably in palm of hands

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